Asystent Zdrowego Żywienia

New app for keeping a healthy lifestyle


Asystent Zdrowia Instytutu Żywności I Żywienia is an app for those who care for their health. The app has a number of functions that support proper nutrition. It also contains a collection of exercise videos. In this assignment we were responsible for complex crafting of the application and multimedia content. For this particular assignment we have made:

  • A mobile app for Android
  • A server that holds app data
  • Video materials and pictures
  • App regulations

App functions:


The calculator allows to count in a simple way the number of calories and nutrition value consumed during the day. With use of unfoldable menu on the right side you can add products from IŻŻ database, History or add a new product. The IŻŻ database holds products in various categories e.g. such as dairy, meat or cereal products. We have prepared not only the app but also pictures and video materials.

Product History

Adding a new product from the calculator also allows you to save it in History. Thanks to this function we can add to products that we recently used to the calculator with ease.

Rules of Healthy Nutrition

Rules of Healthy Nutrition contain information from the Food Guide Pyramid and 11 rules of nutrition to keep the right body mass.

Nutrition suggestions

Some practical advice on nutrition such as “How to lower salt consumption?” “How to increase omega-3 acids consumption?” and many more.


Contains a selection of terms related to nutrition, digestive system, vitamins, type of activity, deficiencies of the organism and other subjects.


Thanks to this option you can check your knowledge and educate yourself in the subject of healthy nutrition. There two types of quizzes available – ABCD and True or False?


Contains two sections: Burning Calories and Exercise Sets. Burning Calories shows the way and time required for burning a certain number of calories and description of how to gain them. Exercise sets contain videos with exercises and their description. Videos with exercises were created by our company.

Menu Holds sets of menus for each day of the week with the calories value, fat, sugar, salt and recipes for the dishes. There is 5 sets of menus for each day and a possibility of creating your own custom menu.


In the profile settings you can set gender, body mass, height, age and activity. Thanks to this you can check information about BMI and daily calories intake.