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SAS Forum is an app for SAS conference attendants in Poland. Thanks to this app SAS company has provided its attendants with a tool that allows for easy orientation in the agenda, and on the other side it acquired analytical data which help it improve the next conferences.

App functions:

Offline mode

The app is available offline, this way the user doesn’t require an internet connection to check it. The app will sync when it establishes a connection with the web. Until then it will work offline.

Parallel presentations

SAS conference had a few parallel events. Our app was built in a way that it allowed defining a few events taking place at the same time.

Instant feedback

Thanks to our app SAS can analyze feedback from the attendants which provides them with information about the clients reception of the presentation and conference. This knowledge will help improve conferences in the coming years.


This app is available both on Android and iOS.

Easy registration

SAS Forum App allows for quick registration with Facebook or LinkedIn. There is also the traditional method of signing up with email and password.

Presentation rating

The SAS Forum app allows for rating of every presentation even during it taking place, acquired data may be analyzed by the company to improve the next presentations.

Detailed descriptions

SAS Forum gives information: what is the subject of the conference, when does it start and how long it lasts, room in which the conference is taking place, proceedings of the conference, and information about the conference lead. The recipients may use the information during and after the conference.

Interactive map

Quick finding of the conference and route thanks to an interactive map.


Thanks to the app SAS Forum will acquires data, which will help improve the coming events.

Access to statistics after the conference

SAS Forum holds statistics of app use, number of sessions, number of installs, and even the most visited section.

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